The Cook Law Group PLLC is fortunate to work with some of the most dynamic players in a variety of fields.  Many of these entities conceptualize and execute 24/7 and are looking for a firm that not only purports to understand cutting edge technology, but operates within that world as well.  We are that team.

Our online office provides our clients with a secure HTTP and the same protection utilized by some of the most elite banks in online banking.  Most importantly, it provides you with unlimited access to your attorney so that your expectations, needs, and the needs of your organization are not only met, but also are exceeded at the highest level.

How could we not?  For starters, we serve some of the most technologically savvy startups, entertainment companies, and entrepreneurs on a global scale.  Our clients operate online and reaching our clients in their world is important to us.  Maintaining a brick and mortar office is one aspect of the service we provide, but we have found that clients today expect more than just average and prefer to have access to what is happening on their matters even when they are not physically around.  We do not think that is too much to ask.  We work hard in this office and we are not afraid to show our work.  Our online office provides our clients with access to their matters, updates on the status of their files, direct 24/7 contact via secure virtual chat portals, and the ability to review documents in a fast and expeditious matter.  These options exceed what is available with only a traditional brick and mortar location.  Therefore, we choose to offer both.
We provide our clients with access to a private portal where they are then able to interact with their attorney securely and immediately.  This portal provides clients the option to review documents, remain apprised of the status of their case, review bills, pay bills, engage in strategy sessions, and have the choice of the level of involvement they would like to have in their matter—all without needing to physically come into the office.